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The Bannockburn Years

The Bannockburn Years won the Constable Trophy in 1997 and was published by Luath Press in 1998, Edinburgh which attracted critical comment by some scholars most of whom had not read the book and imagined he had not read theirs. Not so! He had even read the sources and rejected theirs. Realizing that current theory was flawed, he set out to investigate the matter fully and prove his conclusions.

How did the Scots win the War of Independence, against a neighbour ten times as powerful?

Did the Scots have a secret weapon at their disposal?

Should Scotland now become independent?

" ...a brilliant storyteller ... I shall expect to see your name writ large hereafter."
~ Nigel Tranter

Apply to Luath Press for a copy. Reprinted 2003.

© Elenkus: The Bannockburn Year
© Elenkus ~ The Bannockburn Years (Constable Trophy winner, 1997)

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Bute Crucifixion

What is goodness? That is what this novel is about. It cannot be defined. It can only be shown in relation to evil. Often it remains unseen and uncelebrated. It is often defeated by more powerful forces, but that does not diminish its sublime worth. To be good, you do not have to win the battle. You need only stand up and fight for right - hardest when no one else will; all the more worthy if it is likely to lead to an unmourned tomb.

"This is one of the best novels I have ever read. Don't be put off by the title or slightly odd cover, this is a beautifully told story. Funny, incredibly sad, with passages of amazing depth."
~ Dr Ray Walker, Bearsden
£10.99 + Postage

© Elenkus: A Bute Crucifixion
© Elenkus ~ A Bute Crucifixion

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Honour Killing in Argyll & Bute

SUBTITLE: Paradise demolished
What should you say to a suicide bomber to divert him from blowing himself and innocents to fragments? That is what this novel is for. The characters determine the answer.

"Moving and gripping. The best fiction I have read for some time. I particularly liked the final chapter; the puzzle of the Russian femme fatale solved in a pleasing if gruesome way."
~ Tom McCallum, MA, Classicist, Stromness, Orkney
"Read by me at almost one sitting. I did not want to put it down. A fast moving and absorbing story about the clash of cultures in our fundamentalist world."
~ Colonel Bruce Niven, PPA, MBE, MA, ex Chief of Staff, SAS, Everest Climber, Gurkha Commander and Leadership Trainer, Singapore.

£8.99 + Postage

© Elenkus: Honour Killing in Argyll & Bute
© Elenkus ~ Honour Killing in Argyll & Bute

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