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Bannockburn Revealed

Bannockburn Revealed (BR), contains all the sources, translated, plus the first justified map of the battle area in 1314, that took up 100 pages and has about 70 photos and maps of the battle area. Where and how the battle was fought are established there for the first time. This book is ground breaking. For the first time, a procedure on p254 is used which is dazzling: take every relevant source and count the number of statements for any issue, pro and con. Then tabulate the results. When 6 sources, some of them, within days of the battle, all say repeatedly that the Scots all fought on foot, you know instantly that they did. And that John Barbour who wrote 1375-8, over sixty years later, said there was a Scottish cavalry charge, you know who is right. The Scots all fought on foot.

Publication date: 2000

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© Elenkus ~ Bannockburn Revealed (has all the sources)

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Bannockburn Proved

In this book, History has become a science. The days when a few sources could be selectively quoted, an unjustified map produced which bore no relation to the reality it was supposed to describe and conclusions reached, which were not more than speculative opinion--these days are over.

Bannockburn Proved does exactly that. There is not one proof but many, a hierarchy of several levels of proof, each one involving more detailed knowledge of the written reports of the battle and the ground in the battle area, not only today but in every age right back to 1314. This is achieved by including every relevant map back to the time before proper maps were made, and from these, cropped expansions have been created which illuminate the battle area wonderfully. In addition, following on from the printing of all the relevant written reports of the battle in the earlier work, Bannockburn Revealed, there is here the most effective use ever made of these in combination with each other and with fresh discoveries in the topography.

The new triangulated maps of the battle area are accompanied by a 27,000 word description of how they were made and why the area in 1314 must have looked just has it as been drawn-the first time a book on this subject ever attempted to justify the maps used [except Bannockburn Revealed]. But the book is not difficult. The first proof provided consists of a single sentence. Every writer on the subject will think himself accursed that he did not see it. This single insight is decisive on its own.
All the various mistakes made recently in other works and allowed to fester in the literature and obscure the truth have been exposed and demolished. A section on metahistory shows that this new knowledge herein is more invulnerable than a lot of science: that new archaeological evidence or the discovery of new reports, written in the very year of the battle, would make no difference.

All the original procedures of the earlier work--translating and analyzing every written source, printing every map and photograph, understanding and describing the very ground itself by exhaustive investigation-have made an utterly compelling conclusion. All the material in this book: 38 maps and 95 photos show the unusual features of the ground with dazzling clarity.

This is a book of original argument and insight, full of enthusiasm and passion. It matters because it has changed our history, our views of ourselves and makes possible a proper celebration of this great victory and-at long last--settles the question of the battle site and makes possible its preservation, for, even now, it is under threat from developers and financial interests.

Publication date: 2005

Out of print: libraries only

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© Elenkus ~ Bannockburn Proved (half a dozen proofs of different styles)

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The Genius of Bannockburn

"A triumph...you come across as an Historian, Scientist, Geographer, Hydrologer, and also as a first class strategic and tactical commander, able to appreciate ground and leadership in impeccable detail. Your meticulous sifting of the evidence is breathtaking...the detail of the battle is masterly."
~ Colonel Bruce Niven, MA (1st class hons. Geography, Edin 1959), MBE, ex Chief of Staff, SAS; Commander, Gurkha Police, Singapore, Everest climber.

"The book is certainly a tour de force, and by far the most intelligent and comprehensive account of the battle ever written."
~ Rev J. Stein, Minister, Theologian Publisher

"William Scott has indisputably solved what happened at Bannockburn and, more importantly how. His proofs are exhaustive, detailed and correct. No one else has come close. This is the definitive work on the subject. Historians who refuse to recognise his work remind me of the Flat Earth Society. Proofs are proofs, pure and simple."
~ Roger Graham, Editor

"A masterpiece of research, two decades of meticulous scientific investigation of each inch of the battle area, all the maps and all the written sources."
~ Donald Morrison, Teacher and expert on the battle

"Superbly researched, revealing previously unknown information. Every aspect of the battle is explained with compelling conviction, bringing new light to a glorious moment in Scottish history."
~ David Torrie, Editor

"On a par with the decipherment of Linear B by Michael Ventris which confounded the establishment of his time. In his 3rd book on this, Mr Scott has refined and amplified his arguments, put up a conclusive case and thoroughly exposed the shortcomings of the academic history community."
~ Tom MaCallum, Classicist

"In my opinion, this research settles the site of the battle."
~ Irvine Smith QC, Advocate, Sheriff, Historian.

Publication date: 2012
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© Elenkus ~ The Genius of Bannockburn rear cover quotes

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